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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a car hit as san francisco school overnight. the damage facing students when they arrive to class. >> live doppler 7 hd shows we are getting a break from the heavy rain but our meteorologist is heed with the new storm. >> putin has tough words and goes after the united states as russia and the ukraine remain on the brink war. thanks for joining us on tuesday. first up we will check on the weather forecast. mike is off and lisa is on the roof. >> we cannot call this a "storm." mist and drizzle. it is behind us. but plenty of wet pavement. we have number two tomorrow and the third on the second half of the weekend. there will be plenty of cloud cover. the moisture is not being picked
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up. you will be dry with outside chance of a sure and otherwise muggy along the coast and upper 50's to the low 60's. around the bay, starting out with slick pavement and low 60's with clouds and inland you have fog but the afternoon will feature more clouds into the low 60's and we are dry for the bulk of the day and tomorrow but we will talk about the second system that is more significant from a third to half an inch of rain overnight tomorrow. first, sue has a check on the roads. >> i do. we have an update in san bruno with a sig-alert in effect. there was an overturned vehicle that flipped making its way from 280 to eastbound 380. it is out of the roadway and traffic is getting by fine but they still issued a sig-alert because they are waiting for a tow truck to tow that thing out and get the cable on it then they will close the lane. in oakland, north 880, clear and
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no delays and slow traffic from the central valley with an early accident at greenville. >> police say the driver of a car lost control on wet muni tracks at 2:00 this morning and then hit a tree, some poles and police say a bicyclist crashed on the same wet tracks. that bicyclist was not seriously hurt. police are investigating a rollover accident in oakland that happened on the connection to northbound highway 13 and east 24 at 11:00 and could be rain-related. the driver is expected to be okay. >> developing news, police in hercules are investigating a sexual assault against a transgender student. the 15-year-old who identified as male was leaving the boys' bathroom and forced into a handicap stall and attacked by three boys yesterday. a state law allows transgenders
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to use restrooms and school facilities consistent with their gender identity. authorities say they are investigating the assault as a hate crime. amendment value a -- amy hollyfield will have another report at 6:30. >> there is afternoon march for andy lopez at southwest community park being organized as part of nine days of prayer to mourn lopez who was shot by a deputy in october when he carried a toy gun that was taken to be a real rifle. >> pay attention to the road is the emergency for drivers in san mateo county today who will be the focus of a crackdown biological law enforcement. traffic officers will be targeting people using cell phones or texting in the cities of burlingame and san mateo. violators face big traffic fines from $161 to $281.
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studies show drivers who use hand held devices are four times more likely to get into a serious injury accident. >> the crisis in ukraine, two developments this morning: first, secretary of state john kerry is in kiev as tensions between ukraine and russia escalate. second, in the last few hours, russian presidents putin went before t cameras to address the situation. abc7 news reporter is in washington with the latest. good morning, world powers are warning president putin to withdraw before the situation explodes. so far, he has not budged. >> russian president putin is not back down. today he called the new government illegitimate say it took power as a result of a coup and has ordered some troops on the border to return home tensions are high. >> with the russian air force in
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the skies and russian boots on the ground and the russian navy patrolling the ports putin controls the crimea region a huge escalation raising tensions around the globe. russia says the troops are protecting shall be citizens from the unrest sparked by protests that led to the out of thing of the president. >> the country is plunged into chaos. all military exercises are put on hold by the pentagon. president obama is again warning russia. >> the strong condemnation received from countries around the world indicates the degree which russia is on the wrong side of history. >> secretary of state john kerry traveled to ukraine in a show of support but this is growing worry the people of ukraine could try to stop putin touching off a full-scale war. warning shots were fired when ukraine troops confronted the
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russian troops who took over the airfield. >> i hope at this stage, the government of russia will see it is in no one's interests to continue to enter reason in ukraine's affairs. the obama administration is standing by ukraine and announcing a $1 billion aid package. >> back in the bay area we have break news from san bruno, sue has been talking about a car that plunged 100' down a hill and now a recovery effort is underway. matt chemicaller is -- matt keller is on the scene. >> northbound 280 to 380 you will see flares, a tow truck and c.h.p. car. it is not blocking any lanes. that could change. the tow truck driver is here.
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he attached the cable to the car down embankment. you can see the headlights. those cables will pull the car up. they will have to block off a lane to get the car uprighted. this could cause traffic problems. another accident happened on the southbound 280 to 380 entrance. that accident has been cleared. traffic is moving well on 380 but when this happens and the cabling pulls up the car we will see traffic come to a stop for one lane on the 380 entrance. we will keep you updated on this and it is a damp out here. it is dangerous. that is why they will close off one of the ramps. matt, thank you. shark fans will see a change in san jose, with security measures
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ordered by the national hockey league hosting the hurricanes tonight at 7:30 at the sap center. fans could be single to metal detectors, sanders -- wand scanners. anything can be searched. allow an extra 15 minutes to enter the arena. the security at all nhl arenas takes place through the stanley cup layoffs in may. >> 49ers head coach harbaugh is denying reports he was nearly traded to the browns in january and dispelled notion there is a rut between him and team management. he says he doesn't want anymore money or more power as head cope of the 49ers and says there is zero chance he will leave before the contract ends at the end of 9 -- the season. >> there is 100 percent chance that lisa is in mist and drizzle
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>> check out the hair and you will see the frizz factor. we have low clouds. we have mist. we have drizzle. the fog is a problem in parts of the valley and that is with us through the morning. three miles in concord and the coast is better. pavement is wet. we will look at that for the day. from emeryville we have temperatures in the 50's with clouds in the afternoon, and low 60's in the afternoon. a break today and outside chance of a shower. tomorrow we are dry and the rain moves in at the evening commute in the north bay spreading south so there will be overnight event and we are dry on thursday and the first half of the weekend is spring like. sue? >> update on the san bruno accident to matt keller is there as we her, an overturn down the embankment waiting on a tow
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truck which is there and cable is going down to get this out of there. traffic is getting by okay. c.h.p. has a sig-alert in effect. you may have a lane blocked when they get that rolling. the ramp 280 to eastbound 380 has no delayed. brand new, northbound 280 in san jose before 880, reports of an accident this. thank you, new this morning, the emotional testimony taking place at the oscar pistorius murder trial. >> jason collins is a hit with basketball fans but is the only openly gay player a hit with the team? >> the selfie that everyone still is talking about towns into out car gold, a business benefiting from the twitter
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>> you are look at a shot of san bruno, the connection 280 eastbound 380 with a car. look at that, down the embankment 100'. when the tow truck is in place and emergency crews you could find a lane closed and sig-alert is still in effect with two separate accidents this morning. take care. right now negotiation delays -- right now, no delays but that could change. >> the neighbor of "blade runner" oscar pistorius testified she heard a woman screaming and a man yelling for help the night of the killing. convince -- oscar pistorius is charged with fatally killing his model girl and said he mistook her for an intruder. >> jason collins gets more chans to help win games for the nets.
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>> jason collins! >> fans gave collins a standing ovation when he hit the hardwood. media say the nets will sign the first openly gay player to a continue game contract extension that is expected to happen tomorrow. after the second contract expires the nets would have to sign colins to a full season to they want to keep him. >> olive garden is undergoing a brand renaissance. here is the new logo. the restaurant made changes to the menu going with smaller plates and the option to miss pastas and sauces. the owner hopes the new look and menu gives an updated feel. >> new details of the oscar selfie that everyone is talking about turning into social media gold not only for the academy award and the host but for
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samsung. that was used to stake the shot that cloud meryl streep, jennifer lawns, kevin spacey, brad pitt, angelina. samsung was never mentioned by experts say you cannot bay the publicity of being associated with the most re-tweeted picture of all time. so say thanks, sax d -- carive -- charity of ellen's choice. >> it will be slick ride this morning. bring the umbrella. there is a chance of a shower. done -- do not put the redwood city is 54 and san
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francisco, too. you can see layering of the clouds. numbers in the low 50's from concord to live more and 54 and the visibility hasn't been too bad with four miles right new in concord and it is good at the coast at 15 miles visibility in novato. the highlights from the exploritorium call for mist and drizzle and a break today with clouds and we will see more rain headed our way tomorrow and it look like the afternoon commute could be impacted in the north bay and then overnight, spring like friday, art, -- friday, saturday and sunday. the moisture is subtropical but the high pressure is bringing it to the north which is allowing for more dry conditions and the bum, of the activity to miss us. the energy will move up and we will see the rain headed our way tomorrow. at 8:00 tomorrow night, you are wet from classify detail -- from
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cloverdale to santa rosa and at midnight there will be rain and dry for the afternoon on thursday. high temperatures today under the clouds are 62 in san francisco, 67 in san jose, and the seven-day forecast shows mist and drizzle and fog to start and we are looking dry. spring like with a lot of sunshine on friday and saturday and we spring ahead and another chance of rain on sunday and the new system tomorrow brings a third to half an inch of rain to the bay. this doesn't count but for the nuisance variety which is probably slowing you down this morning. sue? >> we have a lot of folks taking it easy which is good because there are wet road conditions and fog out there. back to san bruno we have a sig-alert with a car down the embankment. they may lead to block off a lane. that is eastbound 380, to san
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jose, a couple of separate accidents north 280 before 880 slowing and to the north of that, north 280, lanes are blocked and c.h.p. has to do a traffic break to clear that out. expect delays through cupertino. it is 6:19. a group of celebrities are ready for ballroom action. >> the 6:30, the new cast of "dancing with the stars" has been announced and when you can watch the announcement. >> small appliance can bring big remembers and michael finney and "consumer reports" are ahead with the concerns you need to hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage
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back to san bruno with a shot. you can see the connection 280 to eastbound 380 down the embankment we go. look at that. it looks like it is a ford down the road 50'. the tow truck is coming to pull that out. you can see the cable attached to the bumper. c.h.p. has a sig-alert issued. no lane is blocked. you can expect delays. matt keller is on the scene with updates through the morning.
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>> we will check now with george stephanopolis with a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, at "good morning america" a tense situation as russian troops tighten their grip in the ukraine and putin is speak out for the first time not backing down at all and says the sanctions against russia will backfire. we will have the latest from the area on "good morning america" which is next. "good morning america" comes up in 37 minutes. >> from coffee makers to toasters most of us use appliances each day. reliability is better than ever, there are still safety conditions. >> "consumer reports" has panned with "seven on your side" to reveal the appliances causing worry. here is michael finney. good morning, everyone, "consumer reports" toasted more than 3,000 products a year, plenty work fine. "consumer reports" finds that more reliable.
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some products far from perfect. >> "consumer reports" testers make sure products offer good performance and safety but there have been problems with appliances. this $200 convection toaster oven. when it was set to toast on "dark" the display quit at two minutes. >> it happened with all of the toaster ovens of krep performs. it is not a safety issue but it is no way to start the morning. >> the $2,000 cooking chefs all in one mixer, blender and hot plate. you expect the best for $2,000 but there are major issues with the food processing attachment. >> the first one, it spined for nine seconds after lifting the lid. this had enough power to cut through a carrot. the second, the blade stopped sooner but we discovered other
6:25 am
issues. >> the plastic hub broke and a screw at the bottom the drive shaft sheared off. this $92 way flex way coffee maker pose as safety risk from hamilton beach. if you use a single serve side the hot plate for the other side is still getting hot, a hot warning label turns red but if it is not on the hot plate and you reach for the cup you could brush the hot plate and get burned. it is almost 400 degrees. >> our data shows many apply amendments are lasting longer and performing better but if you do spot a problem notify "consumer reports". >> hamilton beach said the two way coffee maker is safe and it has sold 91,000 and has received no reports of burns from the warming plate. however, the company says it will give a refund to anyone who
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asks for one. as the for $2,000 mixer by concernwood they have a replacement we part but consumer report could not find it >> morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including the overnight damage to a business and cars in the east bay and police say a drunk driver is responsible. another violent case of bullying has been reported at the hurricane -- hurricane >> and mount tamalpais has lots of layers of clouds and mist and drizzle and fog and the next chance of rain is coming up with details ahead. >> and at traffic center, a shot the bay bridge toll plaza
6:27 am
metering lights on and you can see moisture and fog on the lens and we will have an update on the sig-alert when we come back after the break.
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abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> good morning, everyone, on the peninsula, a story we have been following off 380, following this with the car that went down 100' embankment. matt keller is on the scene waiting for the tow truck to do its thing. matt? >> this car went down the 50'. bangment at 5:00 a.m. and right now it is all the way at the top of the tow truck with the driver at the top of the hill and when you move the truck they can get the truck on the back of the tow truck and cleared. we will move right out of the way. here is the c.h.p. officer, but, when that is up they will have to close one of the lanes on this ramp, the connection ramp on 380 and 280 and when they do that they can clear it out.
6:31 am
>> we will move out of the way so they can get that done. >> thanks, matt. >> right now more on traffic. get out of the way, matt. looks like they are getting by but when it it is on the road there could be delays 280 from eastbound 380 in san bruno area. in cupertino, an early accident that has now cheered from -- cleared from the lanes and richmond-san rafael bridge shows rain on the camera lends and traffic is flowing smooth but there is patchy fog so use a caution. lisa is on the roof. >> four to five mile visibility is what you find. there is plenty of mist, as well. live doppler 7 hd shows the moisture is falling under our
6:32 am
radar and it is low level moisture so it is not showing up. we are looking at temperatures today in the 50's with mist and drizzle and in the afternoon we are dry and upper 50's and low-to-mid 60's by 4:00 with a light chance of showers. the bulk of the day is dry and we have our eyes on a second system which is more significant. we could see up to half an inch of rain at the end tomorrow's commute. there is another system behind that for the second half of weekend. thank you, lisa. in el cerrito, a suspected drunk driver is blame god this mess. police say he was speeding on wet streets and he drove on the sidewalk and hit the front of several businesses. he shattered front windows of a car dealership. the driver lit a poll and several parked cars before stopping. he tried to run off but was
6:33 am
arrested. he is 25 years old from berkeley. >> c.h.p. is blaming a combination of speed and rain for a rollover accident that happened on the on-ramp to eastbound 80 at 11:30. investigator say the driver was going too fast and spun out-of-control. she was treated for minor injuries and is expected to be okay. >> a school board president is promising an emergency meeting after 15-year-old transgender student was reportedly beaten and sexual assaulted in a school bathroom. amy hollyfield is at hercules middle high school. amy? >> the president says he is worried not enough is being done and this is not the first incident to happen. a transgender, 15-year-old student, would identified as a male, was leaving the boys' bathroom and three boys shoved him into a stall and physically and sexual assaulted him. he was legally allowed to be in the bathroom because of a new
6:34 am
controversial law that says students can use the bathroom the gender they identify with. the victim was taken to the hospital. >> we do not know exactly what provoked it but the suspects assault with hate crime enhancement. >> in this case, transgender team says she had to fight these girls because school officials refused to help her when she come minuted of bullying. the school board held a meeting a month after this and changed their hate crime policy to include transgender students but the president says that he will call if a special meeting to discuss the topic again and says things are running amok. this case that happened in the boys' bathroom is handled as a him cite and -- hate crime and investigators will return to
6:35 am
campus today. >> san francisco police are investigating a murder-suicide as a nursing facility in the western addition with two bodies found while conducting a welfare check. no word on how the two people died, or whether they were related or their identities. >> classmates of an 8th grade student would difficulted in a freight train accident are planning a memorial. students honor 14-year-old jenna betti by wearing pink. she was struck and killed on sunday. she try to retrieve the cell phone she dropped on the tracks. there is a growing memorial. >> we are here to support the family. it meant a a lot to pay our respects of sorts. >> a vigil is held at five o'clock at martinez junior while.
6:36 am
-- while. >> the oakland city official has resigned after ending the occupy oakland encampment at city hall. she clashed with the city council and the mayor over her efforts to make the city financially sound. santana has been looking for a new job and did not recently get a position in phoenix and sources say russia -- her job search undercut her position at city hall. >> tensions over the crisis in ukraine are escalating with russian president putin speaking publicly on the issue for the first time since ukraine's president fled kiev. russia is ready to use all means to protect russians in ukraine. he accused the west of encouraging anticonstitutional professors and driving them to anarchy. secretary of state john kerry arrived inciest and the united states and top allies are deciding what toship russia with
6:37 am
sanctions for the military takeover of the region. he says sanctions will backfire. >> a meet that could have a social media giant forcing over hundreds of thousands to a bay area city. >> the northern california couple strikes gold with incredible fine but the cold case could explain where the millions in rare coins came from. >> this is lake tahoe at heavenly resort and you can see they are getting more snow showers as we get some remaining sprinkles here before a little bit of a dry spell.
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6:41 am
. we have the full weather segment in a few minutes and i will time it out. >> back for an updatezgía$u to n bruno car cleared as we got our news van out of the way and they could get the car out of way at 280 at 380. the car now is gone. they will lift the sig-alert any moment. we will keep following that. here is the drive time headed out westbound is a grinned from the central valley to dublin/pleasanton and san rafael is good, but there is fog. we will look at walnut creek where we have mist and fog and southbound 680 at north main toward highway 24. a grew of celebrities will be displaying fancy footwork on "dancing with the stars" and we will run down the cast announced
6:42 am
this morning. >> a baby bear in distress and the helping hands with this lake tahoe cub to nurse him back to health. >> reason facebook is chess to forking over hundreds of thousands of
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, the menlo park city council will discuss a new police officer position that would be paid for by facebook. facebook has offered to pay the city to hire a police officer for the planned substation in bell haven which would be for three years at a cot of $200,000 a year and the officer would help local schools increase their safety and work with the large businesses to improve security. >> muni's board is holding the first of two public hearings today to consider fare changes. propose l as include 25 cent hike for passengers bringing adult father to $2.25 and include 18-year-olds in the free ride for youth and let seniors ride for free. here the most controversial part: muni is considering tripling the fare for the antique streetcars on the market street f line to $6.
6:46 am
>> remember the couple would found $10 million in gold coins on their property in the sierra nevada foothills? we could know where the rare coins came from. details of the newly discovered coins are identical to coins stolen in a heist from the san francisco mint in 1900 with a face value $30,000 similar to the mint condition coins found by the couple. one coin 1866, liberty $20 cold piece that did not have "in god we trust" was found by the couple and it was someone's private coin which ties it to the heist at the mint. they found the coins in several rusty old cans. they planned to action it but now that could be on hold. >> a counsel bear is -- young bear is recovering after being rescued at lake tahoe ski resort. the bear was spotted before the
6:47 am
slopes opened. the bear was wandering and was sick or injured. it lay down next to a building and officials tranquilized the bear before the patrol loaded him on a sled and brought him down the mountain. >> our ski patrol helped administer oxygen to the bear so the pair was looked after while he was in the sled on the way down. >> at the pair was take -- the bear was taken to wildlife treatment. he has cuts on his shoulder and sore paws but not clear how he was injured. >> we will check the trading underway on wall street with a look at the big board showing the dow is back up again in positive territory at 168 points to 16,337. >> radio shack will close 1,100 underperforming scores in the
6:48 am
united states which leave them with 4,000 stores. they reported a $191 million loss for the 4th quarter during the holiday season. >> apple has a change. the chief financial officer and senior vice president is retiring in september and will be replaced by the current vice president of finance and controller who will transition to the new position in june. >> the waiting is over. we know who will be dancing their sock off on "dancing with the stars" for the new season. >> say hello to charlie white. >> olympic ice dancer is not the only gold medalist going head to head with his partner, bill davis for the mirror ball trophy. the cast was announced in los angeles with season 18 of "dancing with the stars" kicks off in two weeks and here is who
6:49 am
will is competing, star wars actor and long distance swimmer and real housewives of atlanta star and the wonder years star and "full house" star and australian pop star simpson and a former nhl players and the price of right host drew carey, and snowboarder will be in the cast from olympics and "good morning america" has a full wrap up at 7:00. that is a diverse cast if ever you saw one. >> we will go to the roof and lisa will weigh in on the weather. >> we have mist and drizzle and wet pavement and fog as you head out this morning. the rain is over. we will is clouds for the day with live doppler 7 hd showing all cloud cover and activity in
6:50 am
the sierra nevada but we are looking at wet weather to the north of us and it will bring another chance of rain later tomorrow. 54 san jose and 53 in los gatos and 55 at half moon bay and you can notice the low clouds, fog to contend with and mount tamalpais is cool with temperatures in the low 50's in the north bay if santa rosa and 53 by the delta and concord where you have the fog at four to five mile visibility and elsewhere doing pretty good around the bay with the clouds. we are fogged in from the exploritorium camera but the highlights include mist and drizzle and more rain later tomorrow for the north bay and the overnight hours for the prosecute of you with spring like conditions friday and saturday and the next system for second half of the weekend so there is a moisture plume but not directed in the right direction. we have back high pressures to
6:51 am
the south of us and this yeah of moisture is going to be moved to the north so we are muggy but dry and a wave visited us foam bringing more significant wet weather. here is the commuter animation for over night tonight. tomorrow, when night, we are looking at rain in the north bay and by overnight hours it is out of here and thursday morning commute is looking pretty good with highs from 65 in san rafael and 67 in palo alto and san jose and the seven-day forecast shows we are stuck with the mist and drizzle and gray skies and clouds tomorrow. the rain after the commute is overnight into thursday morning, and sunny and spring like on friday and saturday and wees loe an hour of sleep. the storms could be adding to the rain gauge but the one late
6:52 am
tomorrow into thursday so looking better for the deficit. >> it is slow and go if some years with a great alternate with caltrain and ace train running on time. muni experienced some delays but those are all cheered. back to san bruno with an update a car was over the embankment and the sig-alert is there but the car has been towed and is long gone and people are coming off of 280 around the turn to the eastbound ramp and they are skidding out. slow down. those curbs are very slippery. to the santa cruz mountains southbound 17, we have a solo spinout in the slow rainsa6ç and san mateo bridge is looking good but the fog and rain so take your time. the tail lights are headed over to foster city. >> seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news is back in 60
6:53 am
6:54 am
good morning at 6:54 and traffic is looking okay at macarthur maze. it is foggy and misty in some areas. be came. >> seven things to know before you go: one, breaking news on the peninsula, the c.h.p. is on the scene of a car over an embankment that plunged 50' over the hill. the tow truck driver is pulling it on the road at 280 at connection ramp to eastbound 380. >> police in hurricane cheese -- in america lease are investigating a sexual assault against a transgender student who was attacked yesterday at school. police are investigating this as a hate crime. >> a vigil is held for a martinez teen hit and killed by a freight train on sunday.
6:55 am
the 14-year-old jenna betti was hit while trying to retrieve the cell phone she dropped on the tracks. >> a $10 million substantial of gold coins covered in the sierra nevada foothills could be stolen 100 years ago. the coins matched the description of coins stolen in a gold heist from the san francisco mint in 1900. the couple found the coins while walking the property. >> mardi gras is kickoff in new orleans on fat tuesday with the bands and the parades lining the streets. this the parade just getting underway celebrating for the final day before ash wednesday and the start of the fasting of lent. it could be a little wet down there, too. >> pay not be raining where you are but it is damp. we having for and mist as you head out this tuesday morning and live doppler 7 hd showing the clouds and low level
6:56 am
moisture through the next couple of hours, and we are in the upper 40's in the north bay and mid-50's elsewhere and fog in the east bay valleys and 60's today, dry under clouds. >> seven, it is slick. look at rain, metering lights are on and traffic is backed up. it is slippery. >> we continue online and on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes with news and wea
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good morning, america. and breaking now, march madness. the coldest night in decades grips much of the nation. zero degrees outside washington, d.c. drivers stuck for 16 hours on icy interstates. and as the ice thickens across the north, when will we begin to see warmer temperatures? also breaking, vladimir putin speaks out for the first time on the crisis in ukraine with stern words for the west. as russian troops fired warning shots at an air base. and secretary of state john kerry arriving in the ukrainian capital at this hour. new this morning. emotions running high in court at the high-stakes trial of oscar pistorius. two of his neighbors testifying about the screams moments before his girlfriend was shot. ♪ i got a feeling

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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 3/4/2014